10th Anniversary at Priess

On 20th June 20th, we celebrated our much valued colleague, Linda Nørholt Jensen.
An amazing day… of course! It’s funny, because as part of her job, it’s usually down to Linda to organise anniversaries and birthdays for her colleagues – and so she was actually involved in planning part of the celebrations on the day. Linda is a true Priess ambassador!

Linda’s journey with us began in the canteen… just a few couple of snippets from back then: Torsten’s cod roe and tartelette Tuesday? And her radio debut with the best logs ever!

Linda has never been one to shy away from a new challenge. From the canteen to her professional training in finance and now HR – her curiosity and determination to move forward are impressive! She never says, “I can’t,” but rather “I’ll find a way!”.

Her passion for her work and her colleagues can be seen every day. She consistently strives for the best for all of us and her dedication shines through in everything she does. Her ability to listen, understand and take action makes her an exceptional HR assistant.

We are a formidable team with Linda on board, bringing us closer to our goal of becoming European champions. Keep on being curious, thoughtful and passionate. Your journey is full of inspiration and we look forward to going the distance with you – because together we are strong.

Congratulations again on your anniversary, Linda! And all the best for the future.