Priess A/S

Priess A/S

Danish quality & design since 1921

We have expertise within standard and custom solutions for secondary substations, technical cabins, pump cabins and self-powering solar cell lighting columns.

Our focus on customer satisfaction is something which requires innovation and development. Our extensive know-how and our deep involvement in our projects ensures that we are always at the cutting edge of new trends and thus always able to find the best possible solutions for our customers.


Priess A/S secures the green supply of the future

Over the last century, major changes have taken place at Priess A/S, which initially started as an installation business with radios to now operating within technical cabins and the utilities sector. Priess A/S has transformed from being a small local company to a company with connections in several countries in a space of a hundred years. The company went from an installation business to its first established factory building in 1962. Today, production has been expanded to five factory buildings, a large paint booth and an administration building at a single address.

At Priess A/S, the Plug & Play concept has been developed through experience based on requests made by customers and customer satisfaction. The concept started within the segment for secondary substations, and has now been expanded to several of our product segments. In general, Priess A/S is facing an exciting new era, where all product groups support and are part of the green transition.

Priess A/S will continue the customer-oriented approach with Plug & Play solutions, and the vision of a greener and more efficient supply of utilities, and thus the future looks very promising.

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