Mobile heat exchanger station solves district plan issues

What do you do as a utility company when district plans and green objectives get in the way? Kredsløb A/S made the unconventional decision to opt for a mobile system that takes up no more than four parking spaces. Priess provided the solution in the form of a plug & play installation.

Kredsløb A/S is an East Jutland-based utility company with a clearly defined goal of making the green transition as easy as possible. After a steady influx of new customers, Kredsløb needed to optimise operations and increase capacity via a new heat exchanger plant at the former county hospital in Aarhus. This turned out to be harder than expected.

The district plan for the area was not in place, and Kredsløb was therefore unable to build a new, permanent heat exchanger station in the desired location. This meant rethinking how to deliver capacity and comfort to customers. The solution was a 10-MW mobile heat exchanger station from Priess District Heating A/S.

Installation adress

Tage Hansens Gade, DK-8000 Aarhus C


Kredsløb A/S

Lifted into place in a matter of hours

The system is a mobile heat exchanger station in the form of a technical cabin that was assembled and tested at the factory. The entire cabin was transported to the site on a flatbed trailer and lifted into place in a matter of hours. It measures 10 x 4 metres and only takes up four spaces in Tage Hansens Gade car park.

“All the technology was pre-installed. The station just needed to be connected to power and the district heating network, and was up and running from day 1,” says Lejla Mesanovic, Project Manager at Kredsløb.

“The entire station was supplied by Priess District Heating. We have had positive experiences with them in the past, when they supplied us with a plug & play pumping station.”

With a capacity of 10 MW, the new station boosts the heat supply to optimise operations. The temperature of the supply water can be lowered, and now Kredsløb can meet the need for increased capacity for the new households in the area.

Aesthetically integrated into the urban space

The mobile pumping station is about more than just technology. It also has an artistic side to it, as it has been decorated by a local graffiti artist. Thanks to the street art, the station integrates seamlessly into the street scene, while also telling a story about its purpose.

“The mobile pumping station has been very well received. At Kredsløb, we have solved an urgent problem by being able to supply the required heat. We have optimised operations for the benefit of consumers and the green transition, and we have a solution that is aesthetically integrated into the urban space,” concludes Lejla Mesanovic.

The utility company expects the portable station to remain in the car park for at least five years until a permanent solution is put in place. The plug & play installation can then be moved to another location requiring a temporary boost of district heating.

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