Electrical and meter cabinets

Our electric and meter cabinets combine pump controls for wastewater and energy supply in a single unit. This means wastewater and energy supply can be simply combined into a single cabinet.

Two component cabinets in one

We often find that our customers set up two different solutions to meet their needs within electricity and wastewater.

That is why we have teamed up with our customers to develop a combined cabinet, eliminating the need to set up several separate solutions next to one another.

Our combined electrical and meter cabinets have proven to be a resource-saving solution.

In order to meet the disparate needs of our many different customers, we have developed this combi-cabinet to include two different key systems. Wastewater and energy supply each have their own separate lock/key to the cabinet.



  • Produced in Denmark
  • High quality
  • Long lifetime and minimal maintenance
  • Wastewater and power supply in the same cabinet
  • Flexible key system.

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