Technical cabins that match their surroundings

When Aalborg Forsyning came to select technical cabins, their main criterion was a solution that could blend into the urban environment. A fruitful collaboration between the company, an engineering firm and Priess resulted in an attractive and standardised plug-and-play concept which has proven its worth over a great many years.

“We wanted a standardised technical cabinet and cabin concept which would bring down costs and reduce the installation time for new pump stations to be used in our wastewater plant,” explains Ole Nikolajsen, Operations Manager at Aalborg Forsyning.

“And integration with the surrounding environment was naturally also important”. These were the requirements put forth by Aalborg Forsyning when they invited an engineering firm and Priess, in is capacity as the supplier of technical cabinets and cabins, to develop such a concept.

“Previously we had involved architects in the design process in order to make sure that our new pump stations would have an exterior that matches their surroundings. On this project, our architects worked together with Intego (now Priess) who contributed greatly with their ideas and input for the finished cabins,” says Ole Nicolajsen.


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The solution used was a modular system which took account of various installation needs, sizes and the environment that the solution would be forming part of. These technical cabins could be clad in a range of different facing options such as wood, zinc, fibreglass, Corten steel or specially designed and profiled steel sheets, which is the option that Aalborg Forsyning opted for due to the way in which it blends in with its surroundings.

The cabins were delivered as a turnkey solution complete with foundation, superstructure and switchboards produced at Priess’ factory in Vinderup. The foundations came complete with space for piping which simplified the installation process. The technical cabin included a range of modular solutions which made it quick and easy to install all of the technical components and it naturally came complete with an exterior finish of the client’s choosing.

“The technical cabinets were provided as a plug-and-play solution which could be installed and integrated into the urban environment in just a few hours, much to the delight of Aalborg’s residents,” says Torben Engmann Kristensen, Product Manager for Technical Cabins at Priess A/S.

“We consider it to be a very aesthetic solution which means that pump stations and the like no longer need to be a necessary eye sore,” he concludes.

The technical cabinets were developed in close collaboration with engineering firm Envidan.

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