Replacement stations

Is your secondary substation getting on in years? Has the time come to get a replacement? We will be happy to help you replace your existing secondary substation with a brand new one.

Replacement stations are used when the interior part works without any signs of fault or failure but the external capsule is damaged or in need of a refresh. This way you can avoid the costs associated with excavation work. Replacement stations are also suitable in cases where the need for an extra door or similar has arisen.

There are two options for replacement stations. The first is to commission a replacement station which will fit to the existing foundation on the site of installation. Alternatively, you can opt to install a new foundation around the existing one which will ensure a strong and solid foundation for several years to come.

Replacement station adapted to existing foundation

We will produce a new top structure to replace the existing station and which will fit over the existing foundation at the site of installation. Our replacement stations can be placed on foundations of any brand.

The top structure will be produced to the dimensions of the old foundation or to your preferences. Doors can be placed in a position of your choosing.

Installing the new top structure is simple as it can be delivered fully assembled to your site. We are naturally able to provide assistance with cranes and hoisting if you wish.

Replacement station for a new foundation
We install a new, strong steel foundation around the existing foundation from the old substation. The new foundation will consist of a new base structure comprised of four sides which is placed over the solid foundation blocks.

Once the new base structure is in place, the old secondary substation will then be detached from the old foundation. The old station will then be lifted away and its replacement will be attached to the new base structure.

About replacement stations
All of our secondary substations are built around hot galvanised square pipes racks and clad in 1.25 mm zinc magnesium sheets. The roofs are removable and produced from 1.5 mm zinc magnesium sheets.

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