District heating

Modern district heating is the energy-efficient choice of heating in urban areas. The roll-out of district heating is key to the green transition and conversion from gas, and Priess District Heating A/S can support the process with pump, exchanger and booster stations to optimise the network. The solution comes in the form of intelligent plug-and-play stations that are tailored to the individual installation. They come with installed and tested technology so they are ready to connect, saving money and valuable time.

Standard or custom solutions

The technical cabin will be tailored to your preferences for size and configuration, but your options don’t end there. We offer you a myriad of possibilities for your solution: electricity, lighting, steel foundation, concrete foundation, different roofing solutions, padlocks, ruko locks, electronic locks, tiled floors, linoleum, epoxy and facings – all entirely up to you.

You can either opt for a standard plug-and-play solution or a customised solution.

We can help with:

  • Booster cabins
  • Pressure reduction
  • Shunt cabins
  • Low temperatures
  • Exchange cabins
  • Plug and play
  • Design

DESMI / PRIESS Cooperation

Pump and booster cabins.

Here at Priess District Heating A/S, we want to make things easy and convenient for our customers by delivering cabins with complete installations which have been pressure-tested and EAFIS-tested (inspection and testing ahead of deployment).

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