Secure cabins for sensitive equipment
Sophisticated telecommunications equipment is very sensitive to changing temperatures and harsh climates. Moisture, air and dust can also have a destructive effect on installations and result in breakdowns and frequent interruptions. It goes without saying that this is unacceptable in a sector where operational reliability is a top priority. We therefore understand that you as a telecoms customer will have stringent requirements set for the technical cabins that will protect your sensitive equipment.

Your business requirements are central

To accommodate our customers’ requirements, Priess Shelters are fitted with climate solutions, electrical installations and racks, among others. All our shelters can be designed to house racks, UMTS/LTE equipment, power interface units, batteries, UPS systems and fiberguide management.

Optimal conditions – climate solution
Priess Digital Infrastructure A/S Shelters for the telecoms industry can be fitted with different types of ventilation. This will ensure an optimal environment despite outdoor temperature fluctuations and the heat generated by operations inside the shelter.

Priess Shelters are a cost-effective solution which are easily adapted to individual requirements while simultaneously ensuring the reliable protection of your telecoms equipment.

  • Ventilation/cooling solutions
  • Electrical installations
  • Transient protection
  • Security solutions such as burglary, fire and access controls
  • Rack systems
  • UPS systems

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