Component cabinets

Our component cabinets at Priess A/S are primarily used for switchboards, coils, controls, frequency converters and more.

Priess A/S component cabinets are used within both the wastewater and drinking water industries, among others. For example, they are used as electrical and meter-housing cabinets which combine pump controls for wastewater and electrical supply in the same construction.

Details about our component cabinets

Standard component cabinet
We produce component cabinets in four standard sizes. Type 800, Type 1200, Type 1600 and Type 2000.

All standard component cabinets are coated in URKI-TEXT textured paint in your choice of colour from the RAL scale. The combination of a welded frame clad with aluzinc sheets and the welded foundation of angle iron gives the cabinet an incredibly high level of strength.

Custom component cabinets
In addition to our standard component cabinets, we are also able to supply solutions which are tailored to your needs and preferences.

Our custom solutions take the same structure as our standard cabinets but come in the specific dimensions you require.

Component cabinets can be made to your measurements in modular increments of 200 mm in both width and depth. Possible heights are 1250 mm, 1500 mm, 1750 mm, 2000 mm, 2200 mm and 2400 mm.

The cabinets can be supplied with insulation of either 50 mm or 100 mm.

For special environments, such as port areas where there is a lot of salt water and wind, the cabinets can be supplied with seawater-resistant aluminium.

Dual component cabinet
A dual component cabinet from Priess A/S provides you with a cheap and aesthetic solution.

Our dual component cabinets have doors on both sides and partition which separates the cabinet into two compartments.



  • Option of custom dimensions
  • Delivered complete on site including mounting plate, foundation and moisture barrier
  • The foundation is comprised of a 3 mm bent plate which is bolted together
  • High level of strength and durability.

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