Technical cabins

Priess A/S is one of Denmark’s biggest and leading manufacturers of prefabricated technical cabins.

Our technical cabins are based on the same concept as our secondary substations, which, having been sold more than 10,000 times since 1991, are a proven product.

We offer you many unique variants of roofs as well as internal and external facings.


Technical cabins can be supplied with a coil cabinet where pipes and cables are stored securely and kept dry. Fibre is safely and securely fed into the technical cabin via recesses in the foundation layer. The cabinet can be locked with an individual key.

Other applications include: boiler houses, inverters for photovoltaic systems, switching equipment for wind turbines, electrical switchboards or fibre network equipment.

Custom solutions
Thanks to our modular concept, we are able to adapt and organise the technical cabins in accordance with your preferences and requirements.

The dimensions of the cabin can be varied in increments of 200 mm and the external doors can be positioned in such a way that installation and maintenance can both be optimised as much as possible.

In larger cabins where there may be a need for a crane and hoist, the roof can always be removed. The entire cabin is delivered on a prefabricated concrete slab equipped with the necessary recesses for feeding cables.

External facings
Externally, our technical cabins come clad in profiled zinc-magnesium sheets as standard and coated in URKI-TEXT (textured paint) in your choice of colour from the RAL scale.

If you have any special requirements relating to the facing on your cabin (e.g. due to the urban environment), we can easily adapt your technical cabin to the relevant site of installation. Browse our different variants of external facing here.



  • The cabins come fully assembled, with lighting, ventilation, electricity etc. installed.
  • Fully functional once installed on-site.
  • Individual positioning of doors, in sizes ranging from 600 to 1400 mm. Doors and double doors up to 2400 mm.
  • Internal mounting and assembly of technical installations for a stylish and architectonic cabin at minimal risk of vandalism.
  • Internal room division can be adapted to your own requirements, with consideration paid to the technical installations inside.

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