CHP cogeneration

Technical cabin with hybrid systems which produce both heat and electricity.

EC Power XRGI Product: (CHP system)
Mini CHP system from the market’s leading supplier.
Using this mini CHP system makes it possible to produce both heat and electricity in a small unit.

It is the principle behind cogeneration which makes this possible. Their XRGI cogeneration system ensures the best possible energy efficiency with an A+++ rating.


Double savings: Space and costs
Power Units from the XRGI® series take up less than one square metre and are therefore the most compact CHP systems available on the market.

The modular design saves space and the system easily fits into the technical cabins produced by Priess District Heating A/S.

XRGI® – a safe choice for the environment
XRGI® performs a very important service to the environment.

Its high level of efficiency not only saves on energy costs but also spares resources and helps to considerably reduce CO2 emissions.

Priess District Heating A/S offers this solution in partnership with EC Power A/S.

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