Standard programme

We supply standard secondary substations in sizes ranging from 200 kVA to 1250 kVA.

All of our substations come with removable roofs and are coated in Green textured paint with Corrosion Class C4. Alternatively, the substation can be painted in any colour on the RAL scale of your choosing.

We cast our own concrete foundations at our factory in Vinderup and can therefore fulfil special requests for cable recesses.

If you have any further questions about our standard solutions, you are more than welcome to get in touch.

About our standard secondary substations

Our standard secondary substations are built around a frame of profile pipes. Each side of the substation consists of a frame which is clad with profiled side elements or a combination of side elements and doors. The frames are reinforced with angle iron on both sides.

The roofs on our standard secondary substations are designed as a double roof with internal gutters at the joints. The internal roof needs to capture condensation and the gutters lead water away in the event of a leak in the roof joint. All non-insulated stations come with a removable roof.

Secondary substations of size 400 kVA and up feature ventilation as standard at the roof joint on the substation’s end gable. This can also be supplied on substations under 400 kVA upon agreement.

The nature of the subsoil at the site of installation will be crucial in determining the right choice of foundation. Read more here.

Operating secondary substations

How to set up and operate secondary substations:
Before use, the operator must ensure that the equipment is not displaying any signs of defect. If there is any doubt about the usability of the equipment, please seek clarification from us. Read more here.

After use, all equipment should be hung up in a dry place where it will be protected from damage.

The equipment must undergo a primary inspection at least once every twelve months. This is to ensure the proficiency of the equipment and to comply with Executive Order No. 1101 of 14 December 1992 (Sections 13 and 22) of the Danish Working Environment Authority.

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