Substation delivered by helicopter and prepared for extreme weather conditions

Working in close collaboration with Greenlandic energy company Nukissiorfiit and Danish supplier Energi Midt, Priess A/S was able to successfully establish and customise secondary substations for use on Greenland.

The substations were built upon an insulated steel construction raised above the ground. The cabin is insulated and clad in a seawater-resistant aluminium, then clad in wood and painted in a sharp blue colour which is standard in the area of installation. Such lofty requirements on the structure were due to the extreme weather conditions in Greenland.

  • Insulated secondary substation
  • Wood-clad one on two and with gable roof
  • Roof, coated in black Preotex (roof felt look)
  • Size: LWH: 3800 x 2200 x 2200 mm
  • The corners were sand-blasted

Installation adress



Greenlandic public energy provider – Nukissiorfiit
Energi Midt


The secondary substations came fully assembled from Priess A/S and contain MV and LV switchboards with Merlin Gerin circuit breakers, which are supplied by Priess A/S.

Transport conditions are not always easy to contend with on Greenland. After shipping to Greenland, this substation was then flown by helicopter over the last stretch to its site. The transport process puts great demands on the actual construction itself. Conditions which were naturally taken into account by the three companies as they developed the substation.

Today, approximately 20 substations have been delivered to Greenland and more are expected in the future.

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