Secondary substation for a sustainable project

What to do when your wind turbines produce more electricity than you have demand for? Well, you could always build a plant to convert the excess electricity into hydrogen. In collaboration with KK Wind Solutions, Priess A/S supplied a custom secondary substation to an innovative hydrogen plant which was to do just that – utilise excess energy. The project is the first of its kind in Denmark and here at Priess A/S, we are very proud to have supplied components to a project such as this one and thereby help to support our green transition.

A unique solution for a unique project

As mentioned, the hydrogen plant is the first of its kind in Denmark and a hugely innovative project with impressive green credentials. It was important for KK Wind Solutions to use a custom solution for this specific case. It was quite simply not an option to select a standard solution and it became clear very quickly that it would be necessary to think outside the box. This was a unique project and it would need a unique solution.


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KK Wind Solutions

Fortunately, we are experts in unique and special solutions here at Priess A/S. We therefore set about developing a secondary substation that would meet all of the specific needs, requirements and preferences of our client. Part of the task consisted in supplying a secondary substation that could be adapted to all of the equipment that would be connected to the hydrogen plant. KK Wind Solutions was aware that it would be necessary to protect some of the equipment from wind and the elements and that customisation of the substation would therefore be crucial. This was one of our most important focus areas.

Adjustments are par for the course on innovative projects

When you cast yourself head first into something new, it is only natural for the plans to change several times. An innovative case such as this one was to be no exception to that trend. The project was quickly underway, but KK Wind Solutions came back continuously with requests for change. Quite simply, it became necessary to make changes to the secondary substation in order to ensure that it would be able to house the necessary equipment.

Among other things, we needed to change the position of the door, the height of the station and its foundation. These alterations were quickly implemented, providing KK Wind Solutions with the exact solution that they needed and one which was best suited for their purposes.

A complete solution – delivered directly on site

Here at Priess A/S, our ambition is to make delivery and implementation as easy as possible for our clients. This was naturally the case for this project too, even though we were working with a totally different kind of equipment than what we typically make substations for.

In order to make the whole process as simple as possible, we got KK Wind Solutions to deliver the equipment to be stored in their substation to our factory. We then set about installing the equipment in the secondary substation before then later delivering the assembled solution to the project location.

This made the process as simple and manageable as possible for KK Wind Solutions, providing them with a special solution of the highest quality. The solution forms a central pillar within the client’s innovative and green project, and here at Priess A/S we are proud to have had a hand in the endeavour.

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