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The Danfoss Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) constitutes the connection between a cooling system and a heating installation. The HRU is developed and designed to recover excess heat from cooling systems, with CO2 as the medium.

It can be used in installations with different sources of external heat supply, such as district heating, boilers or other sources of heat. The HRU can be supplied either as an indirectly connected unit with a heat exchanger or as a unit which is directly connected to the district heating network.

Its primary function is to recover as much energy as possible and then to create as high a temperature as possible.


Saver HRUs
The HRU will always prioritise the use of recovered heat from the cooling system before it uses an external heat source. You can also sell the heat generated to the district heating network or other buyers via the heat exchanger. If there is more excess energy than you are able to recover, a pump will be activated to start selling the energy.

Two versions of the HRU have been designed specifically for areas where it is also possible to sell excess heat to the district heating network: one with an indirect connection to the district heating network and another with a direct connection. This is an excellent opportunity to further reduce heating costs. It has also become possible to monitor and visualise these heat exchange cabins.

Plug & Play
In partnership with Danfoss, we dimension the facility to accommodate the customer’s requirements and then launch the facility on-site with the customer. The heat recovery unit is fully assembled upon delivery inside the technical cabin in a colour of the customer’s choosing, with options available for extra add-ons.

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