Priess A/S

Danish quality since 1921

Preiss A/S is a company steeped in tradition with roots dating back to 1921. Ever since then, our factory in Vinderup, Denmark, has adapted constantly to developments in the market. Priess A/S is Denmark’s leading supplier of a broad spectrum of products used within drinking water, wastewater, district heating, broadband, energy supply etc. – as well as plug-and-play solutions within all areas.

The company supplies both standard and custom solutions, taking care to ensure that all individual requirements and preferences are accommodated. Demand for our fully assembled and ready-to-install cabin solutions is very high.

Priess A/S employs over 150 employees at our Vinderup site, working across production, sales, administration, planning and our development/technical department.

Priess A/S enjoys a solid reputation as a pillar in its community and takes a great deal of social responsibility in the local area. The company has a loyal team of staff who have been a part of the company for many years and therefore help to ensure that we maintain our unique founding spirit.


Priess A/S is owned by Alfred Priess Holding A/S.

The goal is to develop Priess A/S to become a modern industrial company with an ambition to focus increasingly on technological products and international expansion. Priess A/S took over Intego Shelters in April 2016 and moved its production from Aalborg to Vinderup. In May 2018, the company took over Pipeteq Solution, a company specialising in district heating optimisation. In early 2019, our German subsidiary Priess Deutschland GmbH was set up.


The management group is comprised of Søren Broge (COO), Thomas Rohde (CEO) and Niels Brøker (CFO).