Meter and valve cabins

Here at Priess District Heating A/S, we also supply meter and valve cabins. These cabins are designed to be used as measuring points on the pipeline network.


  • Barrier above ground
  • Energy measurement
  • Flow measurement on supply and return flows
  • Pressure and temperature measurement
  • Remote monitoring


Thanks to remote monitoring, it is now possible for district heating plants to monitor and read data from the outer reaches of the pipeline network from inside the district heating plant.

These cabins make it possible to shut off the water from within the cabin by pulling the shut-off valves which are located inside.

Plug & Play
Here at Priess District Heating A/S, we want to make things easy and convenient for our customers by delivering cabins with complete installations which have been pressure-tested and EAFIS-tested (inspection and testing ahead of deployment). This means that the only thing needed for installation is connecting the district heating pipes and the supply cable.

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