Pump station for waterworks on Greenland

The decision was taken to build new waterworks at the settlement of Qassiarsuk on Greenland to provide residents with clean drinking water into the future. Planning began in the autumn of 2016 and two pump stations of different sizes were developed. Priess A/S has just delivered the first pump station. The solution was based on our Priess Shelters concept which is a modular construction comprised of sandwich panels.

  • Assembled and installed in situ
  • Size: LWH: 8100 x 4500 x 2400 mm
  • Colour, outside: RAL 7024
  • Colour, inside: RAL 9002



Installation adress

Qassiarsuk, Greenland



The Greenlandic settlement of Qassiarsuk is located at the bottom of the Tunulliarfik Fjord, where Erik the Red first landed when he came to the territory back in 982. Back then, the area was known as Brattahlid and it was part of the so-called Eastern Settlement. The zone is thus home to a great many ancient ruins which are in need of preservation and protection. For this reason, the local building authorities were involved in the project and had to approve the appearance of the station. They opted for a Priess Shelter with gable roof.

It was decided that the first station would be 8.1 metres in length, 4.5 metres wide and 2.4 metres tall. Priess A/S undertook assembly and installation of the station in situ on Greenland. The steel construction and staircase were produced at the factory in Vinderup, northern Denmark, while the foundation was cast by the developer.

The entire pump station and its various aids were packed up onto 19 pallets and shipped from Vinderup five weeks before installation began at Qassiarsuk.

Priess A/S and Nukissiorfiit already had a good working relationship after having previously collaborated to install secondary substations on Greenland.

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