100-year-old waterworks replaced by a new facility with double capacity

Utilities company Vestforsyning in Holstebro decided that the time had come to replace their 100-year-old waterworks with a new facility that could offer double capacity. The new waterworks were to have two separate systems built in. This would mean that should one system become contaminated, the other could supply clean drinking water.

  • Insulated pump station
  • Size: LWH: 9000 x 6000 x 2500 mm
  • Colour: Green Preotex
  • Six-part concrete foundation
  • Assembled and installed in situ


Vestforsyning i Holstebro

Installation adress

Nibsbjerg & Idomvej, DK-7500 Holstebro



Today, Vestforsyning and Priess A/S have a good collaboration on secondary substations, pump stations and pipe masts.

The pump station is the widest one that Priess A/S has built to date.

After the final size was determined, (9m long and 6m wide), production was swiftly commenced. Priess A/S carried out the entire assembly process. The foundation was cast in six parts with recesses for various pipes, etc. The actual station itself was produced in loose parts with two gables and two sides. The roof was constructed in three parts and was also assembled in situ.
Prior to installation on site, the station was fully assembled on the six foundations. After installation the station was then painted.

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