Teamwork puts groundbreaking biogas process into operation

GreenFarm, which develops environmentally friendly solutions for reducing the individual farmer’s climate footprint, has launched a ground-breaking, decentralised facility that converts biomass from the individual farm into energy and high-quality fertiliser. A technical cabin developed together with Priess A/S provides houses the electricity and heat production. Priess will help scale the solution to solve one of agriculture’s biggest challenges.

Greenhouse gas emissions are a real challenge for agriculture. The company GreenFarm ApS, based in Give, will help solve the challenge with decentralised facilities designed for agriculture, which via a biogas process is able to convert manure into electricity, heat and high-quality fertiliser. It is both efficient and sustainable, partly because you can avoid miles of unnecessary transportation of slurry.

GreenFarm has an ambitious goal to grow its business and to offer a delivery time of only four months, which is why they are working closely with Priess A/S in Vinderup. Priess are experts in technical cabins and have designed a cabin for the facility that will simplify the project process and even comes as a plug-and-play solution.


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GreenFarm ApS

The first facility is already in use

The first decentralised GreenFarm facility using Priess technical cabins have been delivered and put into operation at e.g. Gråsten Agricultural College. The college is ambitious about their climate goals, and had already established a solar cell plant back in 2019.

The GreenFarm facility will serve as a showcase for both the agricultural college and GreenFarm. Soon, the college will only be using its own manure. The goal is for the college to be carbon neutral by 2025, and with their solar cell plant and the biogas process, they are well on their way.

Savings for the individual farmer

The facility at the agricultural college converts slurry into gas and concentrated biomass with high fertiliser value. The gas is piped to the four gas engines in the technical cabin, which convert it into electricity and heat. The electricity produced is used at the college, and the waste heat from the process helps to significantly reduce the college’s consumption of straw in the straw boiler. Efficiency is up to 96 % in the facility.

“By having a finished technical cabin delivered from Priess directly to our production, we free up resources and save precious time for project management,” says Mikkel Olsen, production manager at GreenFarm, and adds:

“The facility must appear as a single unit and be of a high quality. The technical cabin is a key element here. It needs to be solid and durable to last for more than 25 years. It needs to exude quality.

The numbers behind the solution also look promising. Surplus electricity from production gives the farmer a significant energy savings. For example, 20,000 m3 of slurry equals 250,000 kWh/year.

Delivered pre-assembled to site

The technical cabin for Gråsten Agricultural College was delivered by truck as a plug- and-play solution to the biogas facility and placed on a sand cushion, which only took 2 hours to set up.

Priess built the technical cabin at the factory in Vinderup. The cabin measures 9 x 3 metres and 2.4 metres in height, has a concrete floor, a 100-mm insulation, and is clad on the outside with zinc/magnesium sheets in a colour that matches the rest of the facility. The technical cabin was then delivered to GreenFarm, who installed pipes, controls, gas engines, etc. before transporting it to Gråsten Agricultural College.

Priess technical cabins are a standard solution that can be tailored to the individual customer’s needs. “More customisations are already planned with GreenFarm in terms of piping and electrical work,” says Kim Ravn Mortensen from Priess A/S.

“Several of us know of Priess from previous jobs and have had a positive experience with their solutions and with how they are able to adapt to individual requirements,” says Mikkel Olsen, Production Manager at GreenFarm A/S.

Standardisation must pave the way

The goal is for a decentralised facility from GreenFarm to take just four months to produce, install and put into operation. This requires production to be systematised and standardised, a discipline that Priess has extensive experience of. This is especially true for other projects with a sustainable profile.

“The collaboration with GreenFarm reflects our vision, and we are proud to help create a greener agriculture,” says Thomas Rohde, CEO of Priess A/S, who sees great potential in the use of scalable and flexible technical cabins to accelerate the green transition.

“GreenFarm is a great company. They have an ambitious setup and a clear belief that their solutions should not only be sustainable, but also of excellent quality. We can wholeheartedly support their long-term mission, and we look forward to an exciting journey in close partnership with them,” concludes CEO Thomas Rohde.

The next technical cabins are already in production, ready for new GreenFarm facilities to go live.

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