Technical cabin for waterworks supplied in collaboration with A. Højfeldt A/S

Priess A/S has entered into a strategic partnership with well-drilling contractor A.Højfeldt A/S concerning the production of technical cabins for waterworks. The cabins are modular and can be built together with several cabins at a time.

The advantages of this concept include reduced costs for the waterworks and less downtime, with the facility back up to operational level in just a few days.


A. Højfeldt A/S

Installation adress

Supplied by A. Højfeldt A/S in Herning, Denmark


A. Højfeldt A/S

For further information about this concept, please get in touch with Asbjørn Højfeldt.

  • 100 mm insulation
  • 1.25 mm profile aluzinc construction
  • The technical cabin measures 10,000 x 3200 x 2700 mm (LWH).
  • Estimated lifetime is min. 35 years

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