10th Anniversary at Priess

On 2 May we celebrated our wonderful colleague Kim Ravn Mortensen.

Kim’s career has been a varied and exciting journey! Back in 1993, he began working as an apprentice in the grocery industry and was promoted to sales manager at Kvickly Struer. He also enjoyed a stint as a store manager (peacekeeping force) in a FAKTA store – so you could say he really has seen it all!

In 2007, Kim changed career path to become an electrician, but after 5 years he returned to the sales world and began selling solar cells, a product he had worked with during his apprenticeship. And then, in 2014, the most important chapter of his career began at Priess. Kim started working in our back office and has since worked with everything from the electrical field to cabins and masts. In 2016, he took on sales in Water and Industry – where he really thrives on the diversity and the different challenges he faces every day. For Kim, working with different industries and meeting new people is a pleasure – it’s a world away from the monotony he experienced as a store employee.

Kim has been with Priess through the company’s growth and changes, especially the last few years with an expanding organisation and the transition to the modern setup we have today. Kim’s contribution has been invaluable and we are deeply grateful for his dedication and commitment.

Let’s honour Kim for his amazing efforts and the many memorable moments he has given us over the years.

THANK YOU, Kim, for everything you do!