35-year anniversary at Priess A/S

Today, we are celebrating our good colleague Torsten Klith Sørensen, whose journey with Priess began on 1 January 1989, right after he graduated from middle school. (Back then we had a whole 12 apprentices!)

After four years as an apprentice, Torsten completed his training, spending his last year and a half in the sheet metal department. He then took on the challenging role of assembly expert, installing masts in both Poland and Germany.

In 1995, Torsten was headhunted by Svend and returned to the sheet metal department. He then advanced to assembly manager for 4–5 years. In 2001/02, he returned once more to Svend and the sheet meal department.

A brief stint as warehouse manager at the warehouse – staffed by only three people – then brought Torsten back to assembly. In 2006, he took over the plate department from Svend and he has managed it ever since.
As the department was linked to cabin production back then, Torsten actually had responsibility for 100 employees!

Bonus info: Torsten has also coached three of our canteen managers on the football pitch.

As Torsten puts it in his own words: “I have worked here for 35 years, and I have been happy to go to work everyday.” That is certainly a joy that we share with him, so – THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! Congratulations, Torsten!