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Priess A/S – renowned supplier of plug-and-play secondary substations for the utilities sector among other solutions – is switching things up a gear with a new flow factory in Vinderup and the establishment of a new production unit. The aim is to meet rapidly growing demand in connection with the green transition and the ambition to reduce carbon emissions by seventy percent by 2030.

Priess A/S is a key supplier to the green transition in the utilities sector and the company is now launching an ambitious plan to optimise production and boost capacity. The goal is to triple capacity by 2024 and so the existing factory in Vinderup is therefore undergoing a thorough redesign process, with parts of the production process being moved to a new location close to the East Jutland Motorway.

“We are switching things up a gear on two fronts so that we can boost the production of our plug-and-play substations and meet the increasing needs of utility companies,” explains Thomas Rohde, CEO of Priess A/S, who elaborates: “Secondary substations are a key component in the expansion of the grid which now must accommodate an unprecedented surge in charging stations, solar parks and heat pumps.”.

All hands on deck

“As a market leader, we have seen that large customers have expressed concern as to whether we can meet demand, but through investments in both a redesign of our existing factory and the establishment of a brand new production unit, we are ready to deliver the secondary substations needed as part of a tight joint effort with the utility companies,” says Thomas Rohde.

The Danish Parliament has adopted a target to quadruple total Danish electricity production from solar power and onshore wind by the year 2030*. This shall be achieved in part through solar parks – an area in which Priess delivers plug-and-play solutions – and so the need for secondary substations will multiply many times over. In general, large investments will be made in the electricity grid over the coming years and substations from Priess will be an important prerequisite in meeting the targets that have been set.

In order to put the numbers in perspective, each solar park requires up to 250 secondary substations and a wide range of additional installations. The potential is therefore huge if these ambitious goals are to be met.

Considerable strategic investments

Earlier this year, Priess A/S launched a strategic process. This is the process that is now being implemented in a range of measures which will ensure greater capacity at Vinderup, the introduction of the so-called Lean philosophy and the establishment of a new unit. The new facilities shall house the production of district heating stations, cabins for fibre and broadband stations and technical cabins. The production of secondary substations will be concentrated in the existing factory which, as already mentioned, will undergo a total redesign to become a so-called flow factory.

This year, revenue at Priess A/S is expected to increase by fifty percent to reach DKK 250 million. Fifty new employees have been hired and the orders continue to flood in. The company has a clear expectation of profitable operations and improved performance development. An investment plan has also been drawn up for the coming three years with an ambition to achieve a turnover of DKK 500 million by 2025. This is a plan that is backed up by the Cordsen Family which owns Priess via Cordsen Capital.

The road there shall build not least upon a strong and dedicated effort from our employees, says the CEO of the company.

Our model is the 92 Euros team

“We are going to become European champions just like our national team back in 1992. They got themselves up to gear in a very short time and formed a winning team. In much the same way as them, our employees have worked hard to boost productivity. They have got that fire in their bellies and they are very proud of our role as a supplier to the green transition,” says Thomas Rohde.

Here at Priess, our employees are convinced that the road to growth is through strong values and a strong culture. Moreover, Thomas Rohde emphasises that it is easier to recruit new employees when you put together a winning team. In the coming year, Priess expects to increase its number of employees by around 25–30.

“Right now, we are prioritising the Danish market where we are experiencing a very high level of growth. But the company is also represented already on the German market within district heating and fibre. Our ambitions in the slightly longer term are to expand within Scandinavian and nearby European markets through acquisitions, greenfield establishments or similar, and we are very optimistic,” concludes Thomas Rohde, CEO of Priess A/S.

*Source – Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy & Utilities:

About Priess A/S

Priess A/S is Denmark’s leading supplier of secondary substations, district heating stations, fibre and broadband stations and technical cabins for the utilities sector. The company delivers both standard and custom solutions whereby stations are supplied as fully assembled plug-and-play solutions that are prepared and ready to be connected at the construction site.

Priess A/S employees 215 employees at Vinderup in Denmark across its production, sales, administration, planning and development/technical departments. Their solutions are sold in Denmark and in neighbouring markets.

Priess A/S is a traditional company with roots dating back to 1921. The company is firmly anchored in its local community and proud both of its West Jutland values and the strong social responsibility it takes in the local area. The company also has a loyal and committed staff who help to imbue the business with its special and distinct spirit.

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