Priess A/S

Preiss A/S produces custom technical cabins and cabinets for all kinds of technical installations e.g. in the broadband, rail and telecoms sectors. We design and produce all of our technical cabin and cabinet solutions at our own factory in Vinderup, which makes our production 100% Danish.

Customer value

Priess Classic and Shelter models are custom solutions based on our standard modules. They are the reason we are able to deliver the right solution tailored to your requirements quickly and efficiently.

Here at Priess A/S, we can take charge of all phases of the project, including design, production, testing and on-site delivery. Our concept ensures that you get a long-lasting and maintenance-free solution of the highest quality for your technical equipment and installations.

You will deal exclusively with just one contact person. This means you avoid the need for heavy project management processes involving multiple suppliers.

Plug & Play

Once access to the electricity grid/pipeline/fibre network etc. is in place, you will not need to expend any unnecessary time or resources on the project.

Priess A/S delivers a complete turnkey technical cabin and makes sure that everything is functioning optimally before our delivery to you.


The construction, size, colour, facing and other details are easily adapted to your individual requirements for all Classic, Shelter or cabinet solutions. Cabin and cabinet sizes can be varied in modular increments of 200 mm.


100% produced in Denmark

All secondary substations supplied by Priess A/S are produced at our own factory in Vinderup – this includes 99% of all the components used in our cabins.

This guarantees reliable Danish quality, fast delivery times and a great degree of flexibility.


Quality assurance on secondary substations

We test our secondary substations regularly so that operators and passers-by are always guaranteed the highest possible level of safety.
Among other types of testing, we have performed several accredited arc flash tests on our secondary substations over the years – most recently in 2020.
We test our secondary substations in accordance with DS/EN/IEC 62271-202. Our tested secondary substations have thus been granted a classification known as DS/EN/IEC 62271-202 – IAC-AB. Over the years we have performed tests at both 20 kA and 36 kA for one second.

An arc flash test is a test which seeks to ensure that passers-by in the vicinity of a secondary substation will not be injured should a short circuiting occur inside. Performing arc flash tests is not a legal requirement in Denmark; however, in order to make sure you get the best and most secure substation possible, we test all of our secondary substations continuously.

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    Torben Engmann Kristensen

    Product Manager – Technical Cabins