We have trained a warehouse and logistics assistant

Training and education are key to both societal and personal development. They strengthen our community and are the foundation of our democracy. Training and education not only fuel economic growth, they are also the source of prosperity, cultural richness and global perspective.

That’s why we’re passionate about investing in the next generation. Mie Bjerre Henriksen chose Priess as her training platform, working in our warehouse. And there’s no doubt about it – she has been a real star!

People have often forgotten she is here on training, because she has just gotten on with it from day one. During the periods when she was in school, her absence was very noticeable – and it wasn’t just her work that was much missed, but also her bright disposition and drive in everything that she does.
Now that Mie has completed her training, she not only has a certificate, but also lots of opportunities ahead of her. We’re delighted that Mie has agreed to join us in our warehouse and logistics team. We are ready to support her career and we are confident that her contributions will continue to strengthen Priess’ growth journey.

Congratulations again on your graduation, Mie! And thank you for choosing to stay here at Priess. We promise it will be anything but dull.